Peace Cranes for Japan Update


One of our more popular posts last year told the story of people folding thousands of paper origami cranes to raise money in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011.

More than 700,000 cranes were received from all over the U.S. and other parts of the world in just six weeks. In honor of those efforts, a foundation donated $400,000 toward rebuilding efforts.

We’re happy to report that money is going to good use today through the organization Students Rebuild. Read all about what they are doing in Japan on the organization’s website.

Paper Cranes for Japan Hits Goal of 100,000!


Amazing! Students Rebuild and hit the 100,000 mark today for collecting origami cranes! Young people from around the world have been mailing in boxes and boxes of the paper creations with well wishes for people of Japan."Peace Cranes"

A foundation will now be donating $200,000 for Japan relief, thanks to the campaign. The groups said they will continue accepting cranes postmarked by April 15 for the large art installation they are planning in Seattle, WA.

Check out the Facebook page, Paper Cranes for Japan, for more of the story and the inspirational posts and photos coming from people all over the world.

Update: Paper Cranes are Pouring In


Students Rebuild organizers are reporting that the paper cranes for Japan are now arriving by the boxfuls to their offices in Seattle. As of this writing, they have collected more than 8,000 cranes, raising more than $16,000 for Japan relief!

There’s still time to contribute to the goal of collecting 100,000 cranes for a large art installation and donations totaling $200,000. The only catch: organizers only want cranes from young people up to age 25.