Empty Shoes Show Toll of Iraq/Afghanistan War at ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Exhibit


eyes-wide-open-exhibit-american-friends-service-committee-king-plaza-palo-alto-photos-by-pam-marino-good-neighbor-stories Rows of empty soldier’s boots filled King Plaza in downtown Palo Alto on Saturday, March 16, to represent lives lost in the 10 years since the start of two U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in the “Eyes Wide Open” Exhibit.

The site was sobering enough, but included in the exhibit were rows of civilian shoes—from casual and dress shoes of adults to small pink and white girls’ sneakers—representing the men, women and children civilians killed during those wars.

Members of the community gathered in the plaza to hear various speakers, sing songs of peace, and participate in prayers from different faith traditions, as well as walk amidst the shoes and reflect on the names of the individuals they represented.

The traveling exhibit was created by the American Friends Service Committee. The Palo Alto event was co-sponsored by the committee and numerous local peace groups, including Mutifaith Voices for Peace and Justice, the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, and Veterans for Peace Chapter 101. [Read more…]