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If you are a subject of one of Pam’s stories, you are welcome to publish a portion of the story on your, or your organization’s, website, up to approximately half, with a link to the full version on Good Neighbor Stories. You must list Pam Marino as the author.


If you submit content to Good Neighbor Stories for publication, you retain all rights to your work. You will be given appropriate recognition as the author or photographer.

If you submit photos, please include identification of all subjects in the photo (if possible), and make sure that subjects are aware that their images may be used for promotional purposes. For minors, make sure that parents have given written permission to the organization for minors to appear in any photographs.

Good Neighbor Stories is always open to receiving press releases and promotional photos, as well as guest posts from nonprofits and individuals of between 250 and 500 words. The general topics of guest posts must be positive and helpful in nature to GNS readers. We are not interested in anything overly political. We will not accept posts that are presented as helpful information, but are in fact advertisements for services and products that profit a commercial enterprise.