Leukemia Slayer Defeats Cancer, Will Keep Helping Other Kids


The Leukemia Slayer has conquered cancer, or in his words, he, “kicked cancer’s butt!”

Jacob Goeders Slays Leukemia

Jacob Goeders letting his 10,000+ fans on Facebook know his bone marrow is free from cancer.

The 12-year-old Slayer, a.k.a. Mountain View resident Jacob Goeders let his more than 10,000 Facebook fans know recently that he is cancer-free after a battle lasting 3 years and 3 months.

In his usual friendly and non-capitalized style, Jacob wrote on The Leukemia Slayer Facebook Page, “hello it is the leukemia slayer well it is official i have slayed leukemia!!!!!!! i was so happy to hear my dr come in and say who in this room has clear bone marrow? that would be me!!”

I had the great privilege of meeting Jacob in December 2011 at a Christmas party in Mountain View for kids with cancer and their families. He told me about his “Santa Slayer” project, where he asked his then 2,000 Facebook fans to each send $1 so he could buy holiday gifts for the other sick kids on the cancer ward at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. Despite being in the fight of his life, all he could think about was how crummy it was for other kids to be in a cancer ward at Christmastime. He himself had spent a good chunk of December 2010 in that same ward, immediately after being diagnosed.

Besides the annual Christmas project, Jacob and his family have raised money for other childhood cancer organizations and fundraising events, including Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Packard’s Summer Scamper charity walk. Jacob shared with fans that he intends to continue the work he started, even though cancer’s now behind him.
If his fans are like me, they will definitely want to continue to follow Jacob on the Facebook page where he often shares inspirational quotes he has come across.
In other good news for Jacob, the Make A Wish Foundation let him know that his wish to visit Disneyland and Disney California has been granted. He loved his last visit in February 2010, when he rode his favorite ride, California Screamin’, but was unable to return after being diagnosed with leukemia later that year.
There will still be many follow up checks to monitor Jacob’s progress, but in the meantime the family is celebrating. They made this video to commemorate the event, and to thank his many fans.