The Kindness Challenge Day 4


A few of Shannon Weber’s notes.

Sometimes I think the massive onslaught of electronic messages we see all day long starts to blend together like some kind of digital stew in our brains. Bits and bytes start to swirl together and end up getting lost in the mix. So when an actual heartfelt paper message crosses our path, one that expresses authentic feeling—love, admiration, thanks, congratulations, encouragement—that stops us for a moment and stays with us for a long time. I guess electronic heartfelt messages stand out from the rest, too, but there is something about a note, card or good-old-fashioned letter that stands out as special.

Today’s Kindness Challenge, as part of Random Acts of Kindness Week, is to write a note, card or letter to someone. It could be someone you know now, someone from your past, or even a stranger. Is there a teacher you want to thank? An old friend you could share how you really feel about your friendship? A family member you haven’t spoken to in awhile? Or the very people you share a roof with?

Last fall I heard about a San Francisco Bay Area artist who has taken love notes to a whole new level. Shannon Weber started out writing and leaving love notes for her children to find, and now has an organization and a website, People are encouraged to leave positive notes to others, snap a photo of it, and load it on to the site. If you visit, you can see dozens of pages of photos and stories shared by people who either left or received notes, locally and around the world. Weber also designs pre-printed notes, prompts, really, for purchase on her Etsy site.

Another source for pre-printed notes are the downloadable templates from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Or just pull out a scrap of paper and scrawl some encouraging words, or a favorite quote about kindness. With tomorrow as Valentine’s Day, why not leave an uplifting note for another special human being on a table at the coffee shop, under a rock at the park, or on a public bulletin board?

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