Fundraising Help for Nonprofits


globalgiving-nonprofits-fundraising-pamela-lee-good-neighbor-storiesEditor’s Note: I’m happy to welcome Pamela Lee as a guest blogger. I first met Pamela through Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, which she leads and works for tirelessly as a volunteer. She’s now a GlobalGiving Ambassador for the San Francisco Bay Area, with a goal of helping even more nonprofits.

Ever wanted to boost your fundraising with more online tools, or expand your donor base?

GlobalGiving has helped 7,858 projects, non-profits and social entrepreneurs grow their community of donors and volunteers to raise a total of $85 million since 2002. GlobalGiving works with non-profit organizations registered anywhere in the world to upgrade their fundraising strategy in many ways:

  • Expand your donor networks and access resources to develop your fundraising strategies.
  • Connect to corporate giving campaigns at companies like Ford, Nike Foundation, Dell, and more.
  • Non-US organizations can get tax-deductible donations for US-based donors.
  • Each week, about 40,000 individuals visit GlobalGiving’s website, offering great exposure for our nonprofit partners’ projects!
  • GlobalGiving received $13.9 million in donation volume in 2012 through partnerships with dozens of American and international corporations including Nike, Dell, Eli Lilly and Discovery.
  • Nonprofit projects on GlobalGiving’s website raised more than $1.2 million during matching campaigns in 2012.
  • GlobalGiving’s tools—tribute cards, fundraisers, text-to-give, and more—make it easy for our nonprofit partners to expand their donor base and encourage donors to stay connected.
  • GlobalGiving’s well-respected reputation gives donors and companies added assurance in donating to you. Donors and corporations know we carefully vet the organizations whose projects are posted on our site and their donations are safe with us.

Want to learn more about GlobalGiving and how it can help your nonprofit take its online fundraising to the next level?  Contact Sonja Lehner (  at GlobalGiving’s Washington DC headquarters, or Pamela Lee, San Francisco Bay Area GlobalGiving Ambassador (