‘Unprovoked Violence is Incompatible with Islam’


truthislam_1With at least one news report of a Muslim woman being physically and verbally attacked in Boston after the Boston Marathon bombings—and as the news media continues to speculate as to the motivations of the two brothers from Chechnya suspected of planting the bombs—it’s important to remember that acts of terror are aligned with the political leanings of a few, and not with the religious beliefs of more than one billion Muslims worldwide. That is one of the main points in a new book about Islam by San Jose pastor and author Ben Daniel.

In Daniel’s new book, The Search for Truth About Islam; A Christian Pastor Separates Fact From Fiction, he devotes an entire chapter to what he says is the, “mythic narrative that equates Islam with all that is violent, oppressive, repressive, and vile.”

He told an audience at a book reading in San Mateo on April 6,  that the chances of a randomly selected Muslim being a terrorist are “less than shuffling a deck of cards and dealing a straight flush.” While it’s possible, he said, the odds are extremely long.

Terrorism is related to political and nationalistic leanings, he said, and not religious beliefs. In the book he writes, “(I)t would be impossible to overstate the extent to which religious violence lies outside the mainstream of Islam.” From his own research, he found that Muslims from all over the world, “insist that unprovoked violence is incompatible with Islam.”

Daniel told the San Mateo audience he wrote the book for those fearful of Islam, to assure them, “there is nothing to be afraid of.” Fear, he said, begets violence, which further motivated him to write The Search for Truth About Islam.

Writes Daniel in the book’s conclusion:

“While working on this book, I hoped and prayed that the words contained herein would become unnecessary before the writing of them was completed, that we would overcome out irrational fear and work to solve the real issues that affect us; but these dreams have not come true.”


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