Good News To Me: Jan. 6, 2012


“Good News To Me” is an ongoing feature that highlights good news from the media. If you see some good news, use our contact form to send us the link.Home for Holidays Pet Adoptions

Pets Go ‘Home for the Holidays’

Some good news for local animals  this week: the six local shelters trying to find homes for 1,000 pets during December as part of a “Home for the Holidays” program exceeded their goal. Between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31 they adopted out 1,128 dogs, cats and other small animals. One local animal shelter officer wrote a “giant thank you” to readers for the overwhelming response to the program.

Shepherd Tending Her Flock

What a treat to read about LilyAnn Brannon in the Mercury News. Brannon is 90 years old, a one-woman nonprofit who helps anyone in need in the South Bay. Her organization is called Tending The Flock, and for three decades she has helped hundreds of people on only about $5,000 to $10,000 a year (she takes no salary for herself). She serves, as the article pointed out, people who fall through the cracks of the social service system. She started by helping homeless people along Guadalupe River 30 years ago, and her work mushroomed from there.

Bad Economy Equals More Wilderness Conservation

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that one silver lining of the economic downturn is that more pristine wilderness is being preserved by conservation groups snapping up low-priced tracts of land throughout California. Ranchers and developers who saw economic plans go south with the economy a few years ago have been selling off land to the groups to either stay in business or cut losses. According to the article hundreds of thousands of acres of land has changed hands and will be preserved as a result.