Good Neighbor Stories Virtual Holiday Food Drive – Help Us End Hunger


Holiday Food DriveGood Neighbor Stories is proud to announce our first virtual holiday food drive! Help us this holiday season raise money for Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Our goal is to raise $1,000 between now and Dec. 31. We’re sponsoring the food drive in memory of Dave Severns, who created the Severns-Pease Christmas Light Display in Sunnyvale. Last holiday season Dave raised more than $84,000 for Second Harvest.

The food bank’s officials expect one in 10 residents of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties will turn to the agency for food this holiday season. The economy has driven up the numbers of our Silicon Valley neighbors going hungry; 80 percent of the agencies that distribute food from Second Harvest report an increased need over past years. Help us ensure that families experiencing hunger get access to food this winter by donating through our food drive.

It’s easy to participate. Go to, click on “Friends and Family Drive” on the “Donor Type” drop down menu, and then click on “Good Neighbor Stories” on the “Organization Name” drop down menu. [Read more…]

30 Ways To Be A Good Neighbor This Holiday Season – Part 2


In our first installment we listed 10 ways to be a good neighbor during the holidays in your own neighborhood. Today we’re reposting 10 ways to be a good neighbor in your larger community. FromFood Donation Barrel food drives to holiday recycling, you can make a difference to others in your city.

What are some ways you are making a difference? Share with us in the comments!

Our New Community Calendar!


Good Neighbor Stories is proud to announce we have a new community calendar! If you have an event that will help the community in some way, or a volunteer opportunity you’d like to get the word out on, list it here on our site. It’s quick and easy to list items; just submit your email address, and a user-friendly form will pop up. Each listing will go into a queue for approval. Once approved, listings will show up down the right-hand-side column, and on the Community Calendar page.

We look forward to helping publicize worthy community events and causes!

Christmas Tree Lots For Good Interactive Map 2011


Shopping for a Christmas tree in Silicon Valley this weekend? You can find your perfect tree and help others at the same time by using our interactive map. Thank you to Los Altos Patch, which provided theChristmas Tree information. Check out the article for more detail about each of the organizations sponsoring the tree lots.

Don’t delay, because a few of the lots are open for a limited time only. For example, this is the only weekend for Trees For Troops at Battaglia Ranch in San Martin, a program that ships trees to military families. A part of the Spirit of Christmas Foundation, the program has provided approximately 84,000 trees to families since it began in 2005.

Have we missed a lot that’s doing good this holiday season? Tell us in the comments section, and we’ll add it to the map.

Update: See our 2012 map.

View Christmas Tree Lots For Good 2011 in a larger map


30 Ways to Be A Good Neighbor This Holiday Season: Part 1


Thanksgiving is behind us and we now start the march to the December holidays. Last year I ran a three-part series on ways to be a good neighbor during the holidays, and those ways remain as evergreen asPlate of cookies for neighbors. well, holiday evergreens. Today I’m reposting part 1 about how to be a good neighbor in your own neighborhood. Parts 2 and 3 talk about how to be a good neighbor in your greater community, and in the world.

Hope you enjoy these ideas, and please, share your own with us here! And if you do follow through on a good neighbor action this holiday season, share what happens with us here, too.