‘It’s Up to Us’: More Ways We Can Help Our Community


Santa-Clara-County-Assessment-Carole-Leigh-Hutton-United-Way-Silicon-ValleyYesterday I shared the list from last fall’s Santa Clara County Assessment Project. It has excellent suggestions for how we can all improve our neighborhoods. Today’s list casts the net a little wider to the community.

I love the very first suggestion to “experience our rich cultural diversity”. That’s the reason I feature cultural festivals in my “Five Ways to be a Good Neighbor” column at the start of each month. The more we know about our neighbors and their backgrounds, the more appreciative of each other and closer-knit we become.

Another favorite of mine suggests attending a school board meeting or city council meeting. This I think everyone should do at least once, and maybe even once a year minimum. Not only is it a good education for you as a citizen, giving you a better understanding how your local government works, but it also serves to keep public officials in check. [Read more…]

30 Ways To Be A Good Neighbor This Holiday Season – Part 2


In our first installment we listed 10 ways to be a good neighbor during the holidays in your own neighborhood. Today we’re reposting 10 ways to be a good neighbor in your larger community. FromFood Donation Barrel food drives to holiday recycling, you can make a difference to others in your city.

What are some ways you are making a difference? Share with us in the comments!