New Resource: The Kindness Calendar


Kindness-Calendar-annual-events-service-volunteers-community-good-neighbor-storiesAfter nearly three years of covering all sorts of volunteer service events, as well as special days for kindness and general do-goodery, I decided to put all the ones that happen on an annual basis into a single handy resource list, the Kindness Calendar.

Scratching your head as to when Random Acts of Kindness Week or Make a Difference Day is? It’s on the calendar. Planning a service event for your organization and wondering if you can piggyback on a community-wide event, or want to avoid a conflict? Double check on the calendar. Need a link for more information about an organization sponsoring a specific day? Go to the calendar!

There are more than 30 special days/weeks/awareness months listed on the calendar. Most of them have links to organizations or information pages that relate to each one. Share the calendar with your friends and colleagues who may be interested.

You can always find the Kindness Calendar on the drop-down menu below the Community Calendar button at the top of the page. Which reminds me, list your own community event for free on the Community Calendar page at anytime.

Did I miss an annual awareness event? Please tell me in the comments section!


Our New Community Calendar!


Good Neighbor Stories is proud to announce we have a new community calendar! If you have an event that will help the community in some way, or a volunteer opportunity you’d like to get the word out on, list it here on our site. It’s quick and easy to list items; just submit your email address, and a user-friendly form will pop up. Each listing will go into a queue for approval. Once approved, listings will show up down the right-hand-side column, and on the Community Calendar page.

We look forward to helping publicize worthy community events and causes!