Nvidia’s Project Inspire Repeats Its Holiday Magic at Veggielution Farm


For the second year in a row, Santa Clara-based tech company Nvidia threw an employee holiday party in the guise of a massive volunteer Nvidia-Project-Inspire-Veggielution-Farm-San-Jose-Good-Neighbor-Stories-Constructionservice event under its Project Inspire Banner at a local nonprofit farm.

About 500 employees, family members, and friends invaded Veggielution at Emma Prusch Farm Park in San Jose on Friday, Dec. 7, and another 1,000 hammered, sawed, dug holes, hammered, painted, and more, on Saturday, Dec. 8.

It was a redux of Project Inspire’s 2011 holiday service event, when a similar number of Nvidia employees and others expanded Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale. Nvidia stopped having company holiday parties about a dozen years ago, substituting with service on a smaller scale. About six years ago Project Inspire was launched, and each year the projects got bigger.

This year volunteers constructed a permanent farm stand, a teaching kitchen, and a produce washing and packing shed. They also installed new irrigation, planted native hedgerows, painted murals, and many other tasks. Project Inspire also invested approximately $300,000 in materials for the event. [Read more…]

Nvidia’s Project Inspire Set to Transform San Jose Urban Farm


The largest employee service event in Silicon Valley, Nvidia’s Project Inspire, is set totally transform the urban farm Veggielution this coming Project-Inspire-Nvidia-largest-employee-holiday-service-project-Full-Circle-Farm-Sunnyvale-featured-in-Good-Neighbor-Stories-2013-Datebookweekend, Dec. 7-8, similar to a major urban farm project the group undertook last year at Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale in lieu of a company holiday party.

Project Inspire’s 2011 event at Full Circle Farm is featured in the Good Neighbor Stories 2013 Datebook.

This year approximately 1,500 employees, their families and friends, and other community workers, are expected to descend upon Veggielution, located at Emma Prusch Farm Park in San Jose. In just two days the group is planning on expanding the farm from two acres to six. Projects include building a permanent farm stand, a teaching kitchen, and a produce washing and packing shed. Project Inspire’s volunteers will also install new irrigation, plant native hedgerows, and complete many other tasks.

Veggielution’s Executive Director Amie Frisch called the massive influx of employees along with an investment of $300,000 from Project Inspire a “game changer” for the farm.

The mission of Veggielution is to create “a more sustainable food system in San Jose. We empower people to change the way they think about food by getting their hands in the soil, connecting with the land, and tasting the fruits of their labor.”

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Company’s Employees Skip Holiday Party For Largest-Ever Service Event


Last weekend NVIDIA’s employees chose hammers and shovels over hors d’oeuvres and Champagne, forgoing a holiday party and instead taking part in one of Silicon Valley’s largest-ever employee volunteer service events.

About 1,500 employees, their families, and other volunteers descended on the nonprofit Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale Friday and Saturday to saw wood, swing hammers, shovel dirt, paint and more. The result was a huge boost to the farm’s ability to provide nutrition education to students and fresh produce to the community.

On Saturday morning about 1,000 grownups, teens and children were busily tilling soil, building new structures and planters, and painting murals on the 11-acre farm located on land leased from the Santa Clara Unified School District.

“I think parties are kind of selfish and this is selfless,” said Chris Pedersen, a content developer for NVIDIA, who was busy digging raised beds with his wife and two kids on Saturday. “I think it’s awesome; you always go home with a really good feeling.”

The technology company stopped having holiday parties 11 years ago, and had been doing annual community service on a smaller scale, until 5 years ago when employees organized under the banner Project Inspire, said spokesperson Tonie Hansen.

The Project Inspire events started with about 500 employees and other volunteers, but over the years has continued to grow, peaking at this year’s 1,500 participants. [Read more…]