GOOD Declares Last Saturday in April as ‘Neighborday’


Neighborday 2013The website recently declared the last Saturday in April as “Neighborday”, a day to come together with your neighbors, get to know them better, and in turn, build a stronger community.

“We’re running a little social experiment called Neighborday,” said Hillary Newman, Senior Social Media and Community Manager at GOOD, during a Google+ Hangout recently.

The original goal was to sign up 1,000 people to do some sort of action in their neighborhoods, from something as simple as knocking on doors for making introductions, to actual parties or other events, she said.

More than 1,600 people in over 30 states, and even some foreign countries, pledged to take part in Neighborday. The new goal, according to Community Manager Hannah Wasserman, is to have people from all 50 states represented. [Read more…]