Louder Than Words: Beautiful Day Looking for 6K+ Volunteers to Take Action in April


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This year’s Beautiful Day logo is a megaphone blaring the words, “Louder Than Words”, and there’s maybe nothing louder than the action of more than 6,000 volunteers engaged in making a positive impact on Santa Clara County, the week of April 22-28.

The nonprofit group collaborates annually with dozens of churches, agencies, nonprofits, companies, and individuals, for one week in April to fix up schools, homes, centers, parks, neighborhoods, and other public spaces. Last year an estimated 3,500 people volunteered during Beautiful Day week; 2,400 volunteered the year before.

“I think this year, more than ever, we’re seeing the volume—and by volume I mean the loudness—of a collective expression of service and compassion that’s amplified for the world to see,” said Beautiful Day Director Jon Talbert.  He said this year’s event will demonstrate that, “when you unify and serve together, you make a significant impact in your neighborhood, and that’s what we hope to see happen.”

Talbert estimates there are between 6,000 and 7,000 volunteer slots available for almost 50 projects happening all over Santa Clara County. “And they’re filling them,” he said.

The projects range from fixing up group homes for teens in recovery, to school makeovers, beautifying downtown areas, corralling stray shopping carts, fixing the cars of women in need, and much more.


Beautiful Day volunteers in 2012 at Pomeroy Elementary, in Santa Clara, CA.

And while projects in previous years were mostly in the City of San Jose—last year there were projects in all 10 districts—this year there are volunteer events as far south as Hollister, and as far north as Alviso and Sunnyvale.

“We’ve tried to create a model for anyone to jump on anywhere, in any of the reaches of Santa Clara County,” Talbert said.

Beautiful Day was born at Westgate Church in San Jose, where Talbert is one of the pastors, and while it originated in the faith community, he said it is open to anyone, and is fully endorsed by the City of San Jose, mayors from several cities, and at least seven school districts. The group is partnering with more than two dozen local businesses, as well.

“Churches have become the best mechanism to provide the leadership and infrastructure for this,” he said of the massive event. Westgate and partner churches serve as a sort of “R&D department”, learning what works, and what doesn’t, and offering the templates created through the process to the community. Congregations also serve as the “L&D”, or “labor and delivery”.

The week-long Beautiful Day event has come a long way from a single project years ago, when some Westgate members painted classroom doors the color purple at the request of a school principal.

“When we started we weren’t smart enough to know what we’re doing. We’ve learned a lot a long the way, and we’ve tried to capitalize on luck—good luck and bad luck—to move the efforts and the unity forward, so it’s paying off,” said Talbert.

See the Beautiful Day Projects Page for a listing of available volunteer opportunities. For past stories about the group, see our Beautiful Day Page.

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