Put Your Sweater On and Help Someone, it’s ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ Day


It’s “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Day, a.k.a Mister Rogers’ birthday. America’s favorite neighbor would have been 85 today. Over the last 10 won't-you-be-my-neighbor-day-fred-rogers-mister-rogers-volunteerismyears since his death, March 20 has grown in popularity as a special day to promote volunteerism and all-around neighborliness. Plus wearing sweaters.

When “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” premiered on PBS in 1968, the gentle children’s show always started with the song, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”, along with Mister Rogers putting on a signature cardigan sweater (usually zip-up, and always knitted by his mother) and a pair of lace-up tennis shoes. The show encouraged the qualities of creativity, kindness, tolerance, and altruism.

In Fred Rogers’ hometown of Pittsburgh, PA., city groups celebrate this day with volunteer service projects, and everyone is encouraged to don a cardigan sweater. In fact, collection drives for sweaters, shoes, and other clothes, along with diapers, food, books, and more, are popular events.

While we might not have any organized events today here in the Bay Area (contact me if you know of any), you can do your own “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Day, by putting on your favorite sweater and doing something kind today. Drop off an old sweater at a local community service agency, some nonperishable food at a food bank, or just offer kindness to those you meet throughout the day.

If you need ideas, check out these pages on our site: Be Kind: Kindness Ideas, Be a Good Neighbor, More Ways to be a Good Neighbor.

So put on your sweater and do something kind today! Fred Rogers