Share Your Story: A Tale of Two Incorporators


Stewart Hyland of East Palo Alto shares this story below. If you have a story to share, visit our “Share Your Story” page.

Robert ‘Bob’ Hoover has been an institution in East Palo Alto starting in 1959 when he and his wife had come to Stanford but were not allowed to rent a home in Palo Alto so they moved into East Palo Alto. Carlos Romero went door to door in 1981-83 to advocate for residents to incorporate from a county municipality to a city. Both men served together to incorporate EPA.

In 2011 Mayor Carlos Romero convened two retreats to design a better funding strategy for Measure C Crime Prevention Parcel Tax. Making It Happen for Our Children President Bob Hoover, advocated for cross-service sector coordination as described in the Kania & Kramer’s ‘Collective Impact’ ( Both men have made lifelong commitments to a multicultural and changing East Palo Alto.

Measure C was passed by the required 2/3 vote in 2006 by a successful campaign between the Fellowship of Faith and PIA with local unions. Residents worked phone banks and coordinated with the No on Measure E campaign, that went door-to-door in coordination with the No on Measure E campaign (an anti-rent control initiative). Measure C funds are split 50/50 between EPA Police and programs that serve domestic violence victims, reentry services, seniors and youth.

Bob and Carlos represent what this activist and family-centric community is all about. Self-determination, appreciate cultural values, and civic engagement on behalf of your neighbor. Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012, the EPA city council will consider approving the new strategy.


  1. Marie McKenzie says:

    Thank you S. Hyland for sharing this story.

    East Palo Alto is a great place to live in. The spirit of community lives here. Both Bob Hoover and Carlos Romero have truly been instramental in the growth and civic responsibility of the city/community. Thank you – thank you for your contributions and investment helping make East Palo Alto an even better place.