Update on Missing Young Man, Jackson Miller


In July, goodneighorstories.com reported on the search for 20-year-old Jackson Miller, who went missing in San Francisco back in May of this year. Friends and family hit the streets of The City searching for Miller, and later expanded their search by creating a Facebook group, “Jackson Miller – Missing, Help Us Find Him.”

Miller is still missing, and the family continues to work leads and mount organized searches. One such search is planned for tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 12. The search was organized after hearing from someone who thinks he hung out with Miller a week ago. With a new description of what clothes he was wearing and what he was carrying, the family is hoping to finally be successful in the quest to find Miller and get him help.

Miller is 5’10”, 155 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. Anyone who thinks they may have seen him is asked to call the toll-free number, 888-818-4673.