Be Kind! Random Acts of Kindness Week Kicks Off


Image by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Kindness is a popular Internet topic. People are consistently searching the word “kindness,” which I know personally since the Good Neighbor Stories “Be Kind: Kindness Ideas” page is usually the most viewed on the site every single day. It’s heartening to know that there are folks out there who actively seek to be kind in a world where the bad can at times seem to overshadow the good. But this week the good will hopefully shine above all in a wave of kindness, thanks to International Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week, which kicks off today and ends on Sunday.

For 19 years the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and others have promoted the event, which always falls during the week of Valentine’s Day. The idea is to promote kindness by encouraging people and organizations to perform good deeds for others around them, both those they know and total strangers. The acts can range from simple things like smiling at people, to more involved community volunteering. The foundation has a list of 10 ideas for this year’s week, plus dozens more for places like the home, school, and office, as well as hundreds more ideas on its site. Of course you can always check out my “Be Kind” page for more ideas.

To commemorate the week, I’ll be issuing a “Kindness Challenge” each day. I hope you’ll come back for your assignment, and I hope you’ll let us know how you are making out with the challenges. If anyone asks you why you are doing something kind for them, let them know it’s RAK Week, and ask them to pay the kindness forward by doing something for someone else. Like a wave in a stadium, we may get to witness a wave of kindness flow around the world.

Here’s today’s challenge, thanks to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, meant to get you warmed up for the week: Smile at one extra person today.

Good luck!