Carter Work Project Day 3: ‘The Volunteers are Very Cool’


Overfelt High School’s Habitat for Humanity Club.

I lived to see Day 3 of the Habitat for Humanity Carter Work Project (CWP) in San Jose, something I wasn’t too sure about at the end of Day 2, when President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter came to work. After getting up at 4:30 a.m. and working a full day on Tuesday, I had my doubts, especially when I felt a little tickle in my throat that evening.

To make it to a new day of volunteering, I loaded up on Vitamin C and let myself sleep in, knowing that the registration table was in good hands with the other volunteers I worked with on Monday and Tuesday, and that the number of volunteers checking in would drop back down to Monday’s levels. Thankfully the extra sleep worked; I had the energy to continue my social media volunteer duties all day Wednesday.

On Tuesday my focus was on capturing photos of the executives and employees of the numerous companies that donated to the CWP. Wednesday I spent time with an awesome group of Overfelt High School students who founded a Habitat for Humanity Club at their school. I also interviewed a group of experienced Habitat construction employees who came up as a group from Los Angeles.

One of the employees, Jack Masterson, told me how great all the volunteers he’s been working with this week are, something echoed by more than one of the L.A. crew.


Jack Masterson of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, building a fence at a home in East San Jose.

“That’s the great thing about my job, the volunteers are very cool,” Masterson said.

Also very cool: we were told at the start of the day that individual volunteers that are participating with the CWP in Oakland and San Jose raised more than $150,000 for Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley.

I still have a tickle in my throat, but I’ll keep up with the vitamins and herbal remedies, plus more sleep, with high hopes of making it to Days 4 and 5. I’m looking forward to seeing all the completed construction projects on Friday.

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